The international Glucohumates patent is the result of 10 years of experimentations and trials performed in the open field and in laboratories. These years of experience have carried out a range of revolutionary products, exceeding the capacities of the other fertilizers and offering unparalleled results to today’s market. In short, Glucohumates fertilizers are set to raise the international standards of excellence within the agricultural sector.


Glucohumates fertilizers are derived from valuable fossil substances, through a patented process which gives the product certain chemical characteristics which were previously unrecognized:

  • Completely stabilized organic substance
  • Substantial resistance to run-off
  • Increased bioavailability
  • Maximum efficacy in terms of nutrition and protection

The traditional preparation method of humic acids leads to the loss of a lot of mineral and organic substances, essential for the vegetal development of cultivation, with a consequent reduced biological efficacy obtaining of humic acids.


The patented process which leads to the production of GLUCOHUMATES fertilizers makes it possible to obtain high quality products that exalt the biological potentialities of nutrients and promotes the plant nutrition, the root development and the natural resistance to parasitic.

Why do glucohumates fertilizers work !

The agronomic efficiency of a fertilizer is determined not by its content, but by the quantity of nourishment it can deliver effectively to the crop.

The patented process makes the macro, meso and microelements present in Glucohumates more bioavailable favoring their absorption and fast relocation without dispersion or wastage.

The result is a product that, alone or in association with the principal fertilizing elements, stimulates the vegetative development by enhancing the root activity and foliar absorption capability. Moreover it favors the chemical-physical and microbiological properties of the soil enhancing the nourishment absorption.


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